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Attractions at the Urological Congress of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nov. 4, 2011

Many prospective buyers in the field of urology showed great interest in the Dual Shock Wave Lithotripter "Duet Magna".  Following a successful introduction of this technology in Mar del Plata and Cordoba, several units are presently being installed in Buenos Aires and additional cities. Urolgoists were impressed by the outstanding results reported by the first Magna users.
Much interest was shown for Themis, the new 30W Holmium laser.  Themis is at its final stages in receiving official registration in the South American market. Direxgroup's existing lithotripsy customer base is eagerly awaiting to purchase this laser for their facilities; thus offering their patients an enhanced solution for urological requirements.

About DirexGroup:
DirexGroup and Initia have created an alliance that specializes in introducing innovative high-technology devices for urologists in all worldwide markets.  DirexGroup, established over 20 years ago, has continuously extended its worldwide presence in numerous countries and markets.  DirexGroup has put its emphasis on the field of urology and offers urologists and medical centers various equipment and service solutions to their clinical and economic needs.  Our products are characterized by reliability, modularity and transportability combined with cost effectiveness and ease of use.  Worldwide network of committed service centers assure adequate support and maintenance.  Contact DirexGroup at wbmaster@direxgroup.com.