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Compact XL


Compact Size

The Compact XL is the new and improved version of the popular Tripter Compact. An ultra compact design and solid frame make the Compact XL extremely reliable and transportation-friendly. Easily relocated, the Compact XL is agile and doesn't have to be a permanent fixture in the operating room.

Imaging Options

Localization is accomplished using a variety of imaging modalities. X-Ray localization is achieved using a C-Arm fluoroscopy imaging device such as the specially designed Digiscope RX-2. A number of ultrasound systems are also available for radiation-free treatments.


The Digiscope RX-2 is an advanced digital fluoroscopy unit. By providing a 9-inch Image Intensifier, the Digiscope RX-2 simplifies the stone localization process, since its rotation axis is already aligned with the focal point.


The ultrasound probe is attached to a specially designed arm. Localization is simplified as the probe is vertically positioned and aligned with the focal point. Any Imaging device is interfaced to the Universal Console (UCON). By using the UCON, the operator can control all digital imaging functions. A powerful, user-friendly imaging application is the driving force behind the UCON's capabilities.

The application supports image manipulation and enhancement capabilities such as brightness, contrast, gamma, and sharpening controls. Any captured image can be saved to a database and is attached to all the necessary patient information.


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Continuous High Voltage Levels

The continuous HV level capability is critical for maximum patient comfort. Unlike other shock wave generator units that offer a limited number of HV levels, the Compact XL, with a newly designed HV module, offers maximum continuous HV levels.

Continuous Shock Frequency

Just as continuous HV levels are important for patient comfort, the shock wave frequency is equally important. With continuous shock wave frequency range, the shock rate can be set to virtually any number between 1Hz and 2Hz maximizing operation flexibility.

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Compact XL

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