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Renova in Japan - 2nd Generation LISW for ED

May. 15, 2015

Dr. Otani, et al, of Chubu Rousai HP of Nagoya, Japan, presented his abstract at the 103rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Urological Association which took place April 18-21, 2015 in Kanazawa, Japan. Dr. Otani evaluated treatment efficacy of Low Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave for ED treatment with the Renova (Direx) device. He concludes: "The number of sessions was 1/3 of 1st generation, meaning the burden of the patients and operators was drastically decreased. The scores of IIEF, SEP, EHS and GAQ questionnaires were improved 1 month post treatment and were sustained 6 mnths post-treatment. A general increase of 7.5 points in IIEF-EF was noticed without any side effects, making this technology safe and effective for treating Vasculogenic ED."

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