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Renova Reaches new Markets

Jan. 15, 2015

Gulf World Traders introduces Renova, Low Intensity Shockwave Technology for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, creating a surge of immediate interest in the Gulf region. Renova is the only device offering Linear treatment as a dedicated technology for ED. The advantage of shockwaves applied to the entire treatment area in a single application, was recognized as being more effective than all other small focus treatment heads presently being offered on the market.  The treatment protocol offering 4 short weekly treatments in less than a month, was an additional advantage to capture the markets attention.  Treatment is presently being offered in U.A.E., Qatar and Saudia Arabia.


About DirexGroup:
DirexGroup specializes in introducing innovative high-technology devices for urologists in all worldwide markets. DirexGroup, established nearly 30 years ago, has continuously extended its worldwide presence in numerous countries and markets. DirexGroup has put its emphasis on the field of urology and offers urologists and medical centers various equipment and service solutions to their clinical and economic needs. Our products are characterized by reliability, modularity and transportability combined with cost effectiveness and ease of use. A worldwide network of committed service centers assure competent support and maintenance. Contact DirexGroup at: info@direxgroup.com